Keeping Up With Trends

One exciting aspect of the floral industry is its ever-changing trends. One way I stay up-to-date on these new trends is through education. These courses provide refreshing ideas on how to use various flowers, plants, and accents in new and beautiful ways. Recently I went to a class about designing with succulents. The texture of succulents adds so much contrast to a bridal bouquet or flower arrangement.

Classes give me new ideas and inspiration to think outside the box and enable me to make unique and exciting recommendations to my clients. I feel blessed to take advantage of these classes to produce better, more innovative products for my clients.

class for succulents .jpg

Finding Inspiration

Lately, several people have asked me where I get inspiration for my arrangements. I find inspiration in many places, such as the beach or how moss grows on trees. Lately, however, I have found inspiration in my daughter, Emma. She is at the age where she listens to her inner self when creating art—not public opinions or boundaries. She doesn’t allow her friends or anyone else to influence anything she creates.

I am proud that she does not see any limitations with her artwork because as adults, we can lose that sense of freedom. All we see are boundaries. As a floral designer, I try to keep that no-limitations attitude to challenge myself and see where it takes me.

Mother day flowers

Centerpieces without flowers.....huh?

I recently completed a project for Earth Friendly Products. This innovative company makes green cleaning products using plants that are safe for people and the planet. I was given a list of all the plants and herbs they use for the cleaning supplies and decided to design with these elements. The Pacific Northwest has amazing outdoor foliage, so I went hunting and arranged various ingredients into a wooden box.

I wanted some color in the centerpieces and noticed that their logo features lemon and oranges—great colors for an arrangement. The final centerpieces were all-natural and a perfect fit for this company.

Arrangements can be anything a designer wants them to be!

All natural Centerpieces.jpg